Preventative Maintenance
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At G.T. Wood we work with our clients to establish a maintenance program that meets their budgetary requirements and also fulfills their timeframe needs. Our staff maintains up-to-date records indicating each client's electrical equipment and  information on when it was last serviced. This information allows our service teams to prepare in advance for scheduled maintenance visits and it also gives them instant access to valuable information in case of an emergency.

After each  maintenance inspection a complete report will be issued to the client outlining the equipment serviced, any defects found and any recommendations made for repairs. A copy of the report will be retained by G.T. Wood as part of the client’s file.

Regularly scheduled high-voltage preventative maintenance programs not only reduce operations costs - they're also vital in reducing the risk of unexpected electrical system failures.

  • Inservice inspections
  • Infrared thermographic inspections
  • Ultrasonic inspections
  • Primary structure and switch maintenance
  • Transformer maintenance and testing (all types)
  • Transformer insulating liquid evaluation (standard 5 part ASTM, Dissolved gas  analysis, Furan, Inhibitor, Power Factor, PPM/Water, PPM/PCB)
  • Air circuit breaker service, testing and calibration
  • Protective relay testing and calibration
  • High voltage cable location and testing
  • Power factor testing / Capacitor inspection
  • Complete cleaning and torquing of all electrical connections and components
  • Verification of fuse sizes and condition
  • Verification of existing single line diagrams
  • Motor control centre inspection